Organic ganoderma is the best of its kind. Organic means pure and natural, pollution-free, safe with high efficacy, no chemical fertilizer, pesticide, hormone, additives, or GMO is used in the entire process or as ingredients. Regardless of taking Lingzhi raw herb,  in capsule or in tablet, choosing Lingzhi product which is made from organic ganoderma is the first consideration because the quality of the source is meeting highest standard.

The products you find at Gano Well are made from organic ganoderma which is natural log-cultivated and harvested in Wu Yi Mountain (Fujian) China and the first organic Lingzhi farm which received four organic certifications from authorities including EU, Japan, USA and China.
Rigorously tested to meet today's highest standards of quality control, they are processed through patented technology and bottled in a formula confirmed  by nationally reputed R&D centre to ensure maximum potency and benefits.
All distribution of these high quality ganoderma products follows good distribution practice (GDP) in respective countries. The products distributed in Singapore acquired the approval from relevant authority including HSA and AVA. 
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