Name of patient: Mr. Qi

Type of ailment: Gastroenteritis and gastrispasm
Product consumed: Gano-Essence Shell Cracked Spore Powder


I used to smoke and drink a lot during business entertainment and my meals were irregular. This lifestyle had lead to my gastric problems.  I would retch after meals and my stomach would be bloated all the time; whenever a hiccup came on, it could hardly go off.  Sometimes I would feel stomach-ache and my liver would feel bloated and hardened after drinking.  A doctor at the clinic informed me that I was suffering from gastroenteritis and gastrospasm, for which there was no effective treatment available currently.  I was scared and deeply worried.


Soon after, I got to learn at an exhibition the significant effects of Ganoherb’s organic Gano-Essence Shell Cracked Spore Powder on gastric ailments.  I purchased some, and even before I could finish the first bottle, the symptoms had largely diminished.  By the fourth bottle, the symptom of retching had disappeared and there was no more bad breath caused by smoking the day before.


Thank you, Ganoherb!


This product really works.  It is definitely worth trying for anyone suffering from the same problems as me.


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