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Umeboshi vinegar (also called ume plum vinegar) is the by-product of the umeboshi making process. Umeboshi are those red, pucker-up delicious pickled fruits used in many Japanese dishes. These fruits, called ume in Japanese, are often referred to as plums but are technically more closely related to apricots.  

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 Traditionally the ume are dried and then preserved in a salt brine with purple perilla (shiso) leaves that add a bright red color.  It flushes out body toxins and enhances the immune system. It prevents arteriosclerosis and slows down aging. Ithelps to improves the function of the liver, lungs and blood circulation, and helps to alleviate gout by effectively reducing uric acid. The citric acid of plum acts as an antibacterial and assists in digestion. In addition, the organic acid combat fatigue, improves gastritis and prevent stomach ulcers.




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Plum vinegar (Wakayama Kishu Nanko plum), organic pure rice vinegar, apple cider vinegar (Aomori), honey, etc.
720ml per bottle
Take 30ml diluted in 2-3 times of water daily
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