To coexist with the virus, who but Lingzhi can do it?

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Severe special infectious pneumonia (COVID-19) has completely changed human life and social distance in less than a year. This change is probably irreversible because waves of epidemics have spread all over the world. When the virus variants may counterattack at any time, how to adjust life and coexist with the virus has become a top problem that you and I must face.

The virus strain evolved unexpectedly fast.

Regarding the severe situation of the current epidemic, we inevitably recall the British government's initial anti-epidemic attitude, which believed that being infected with the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was like being infected with a new type of influenza, and the patient would develop antibodies after a few days of recuperation. Moreover, when most people had antibodies, they naturally became "herd immunity". Therefore, the United Kingdom advocated at the time that everything should go with the flow, and there was no need to make any changes in daily life to isolate the virus. "Buddhist-style Epidemic Prevention" has since become famous.

Based on the experience of people fighting with viruses in the past, the idea of herd immunity is actually good, but this virus is completely different from the past viruses:

This virus that can cause severe illness has a considerable proportion (more than ten times than the flu we have experienced in the past). It requires a long period of isolation in the intensive care unit and consumes a lot of medical resources. And patients are difficult to recover from this disease even if they are discharged from the hospital.

The antibodies produced after infection will disappear within a few weeks or several months, and there is no life-long immunity, and the risk of being infected again still exists; not to mention that the virus has developed a variety of mutant strains that are easier to invade and adapt to the human body. Even if the original antibody exists, it is difficult to resist...

Therefore, when the COVID-19 just broke out earlier this year, where the virus came from was very questionable. A new virus that has just emerged can easily treat everyone as its host regardless of age, race, or gender. It doesn't happen naturally.

At first, everyone thought that as long as they gritted their teeth and bore with it, the matter would be over when the vaccine or special medicine came out. They just didn't expect the virus strain to evolve so fast. Even if an effective vaccine is developed to immunize the whole world, it could be as soon as two years away. But people in poor areas cannot afford vaccines, so the virus will continue to spread and evolve there. The virus may even evolve to the point where the previously developed vaccine is ineffective, causing people who were originally protected by the vaccine to fall back into a new wave of threats.

As for antiviral drugs, whether they are drugs that inhibit viral replication or anti-inflammatory drugs, frankly speaking, there has been no breakthrough. And even if there are specific medicines, at best, they can only help people with the onset of infection to get better quickly, delay becoming severe, and reduce a certain risk of death. They are not helpful in preventing the spread of the virus in asymptomatic carriers.

So the virus will eventually spread over there. This is no longer a problem that can be solved by wearing a mask. It has become the norm that planes can no longer fly around at will, and tourism operators do not dare to think about when they can set up transnational outbound tour groups. When there is still no comprehensive standard guidelines for quarantine, epidemic prevention and treatment in the world, apart from the limited opening of scenic spots and necessary business exchanges, international tourism has become out of reach.

Therefore, this virus not only brutally eliminates people with poor resistance or financial ability but also completely changes the life plan of all mankind. In the future, if you want to go abroad, the preparatory work will inevitably become more complicated. Procedures such as screening for the virus, vaccinating and obtaining a health certificate may not be avoided, otherwise it will not be possible for you to cross the border.

To coexist with the virus, who but Lingzhi can do it?

When the epidemic has reached this point, each of us must be prepared to coexist harmlessly and peacefully with this virus, because it is difficult not to be infected in the current situation.

The "new lifestyle" announced by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in May this year based on the recommendations of infectious disease experts is an example of the official call for people to prepare to coexist with the novel coronavirus. Although the recommended method is still to wear masks, wash hands frequently and maintain social distancing, the public is required to shift their mentality from "passive defense" to "long-term resistance." The ministry clearly tells the public that the epidemic will not end so soon. If one wants to take into account the social economy without being infected, he or she is bound to make a radical change in behavior.

The problem is that the invisible virus is hard to prevent. No matter how hard to guard against it, there is always a time of negligence. When everybody does not have antibody, if they want to coexist peacefully with virus, immunity becomes the last line of defense.

From the relatively low morbility and mortality of young people and children infected with the novel coronavirus, we know that the immune system is the key to preventing us from getting sick even if we are infected with the virus. In other words, as long as we can improve and maintain the sensitivity of the immune system, increase the passing score of immune function from the original sixty points to seventy points, and boost the immune system from now on and maintain it at at this level, we can be disease-free even if we get infected.

This is the logic of "Buddhist-style epidemic prevention" in my opinion. It is not to let everyone fend for themselves after getting infected and sick but to let everyone have enough resistance to be disease-free even if they get infected.

It is especially important that one or two days of improving immunity is not enough. It is safe to maintain the immune system at a relatively high level every day because the virus will take advantage of the deficiency when the immune system is weakened by malnutrition or physical fatigue.

Today we are going to review what kind of health food or lifestyle can help us achieve this goal continuously and steadily. And it is safe and convenient to use for a long time, reasonably priced, readily available and has side effects. This experience, like wearing a mask, can be copied by everyone.

After much deliberation, eating Ganoderma lucidum can be the only choice.

Therefore, Lingzhi has a new use now. Since the epidemic is not over, you may take Lingzhi to feel at ease!

I say that Ganoderma is good not because I study Ganoderma but because there are so many literatures about the regulation of immunity by Ganoderma lucidum. The safety and comprehensiveness of Lingzhi can be publicly reviewed, especially the comprehensive immune balance effect. Reishi mushroom can boost immunity and fight inflammation. It can help you coexist with not only the virus but also the cancer. I really don’t know what else can give people more hope and keep you safer than eating Lingzhi?

Maybe just as some people don’t believe in Buddha, Christ or Allah or wearing masks, no matter what I say, some people don’t believe in Lingzhi. But if I don't say it again and again, I will not be able to be true to my conscience and professionalism, so I can only do my best to promote it. As for whether people believe it or not, it depends on fate.

According to research results from the 1990s to the present, Lingzhi can accelerate the maturation of dendritic cells, regulate the differentiation of T cells, stimulate B cells to produce antibodies, promote the differentiation of monocytes and macrophages, and enhance the activity of natural killer cells... .. It has a comprehensive regulatory effect on the immune system.

Since scientific research in the 21st century entered the age of cell and molecule, the mechanism of how Ganoderma lucidum regulates immune cells has also made explosive progress. According to the current knowledge, Ganoderma can at least regulate the signal transmission pathways in cells through TLR-4, MR, Dectin-1, CR3 and other receptors, thereby enhancing immunity or inhibiting inflammation.

Before all human beings have antibodies, you must not get sick!

The scary thing about the novel coronavirus is that once one becomes ill, he or she must be isolated and will spend a long time in treating it. If the patient does not have enough financial resources, he or she simply cannot survive. There are not many governments like Taiwan that have such Buddhist-style health insurance to help you. Fortunately, Taiwan is very strict with regard to the source of the virus abroad. Even if you accidentally become infected, someone will help you with the entire treatment and pay for the medical expenses. But as for this kind of pneumonia, which has serious sequelae and a high mortality rate, you’d better not get sick.

It is worth noting that this virus does resemble hepatitis B virus and influenza virus, that is, it will hide in your body and wait for opportunities to cause chaos when the immune system is weak; and the virus will continue to mutate, so people who have been infected may be infected again next time. At present, more studies have confirmed that this virus has "aerogelation" and can be transmitted through the air. Even if we are not going abroad, it will still find you with PM2.5 over the mountains and across the ocean.

Therefore, everyone must prepare for deployment in the post-epidemic era. When the virus does not know where to hide, we must also actively fight against the epidemic by using the "right Lingzhi" to maintain the immune system. After all, the epidemic can be fully prevented when everyone has antibodies in their bodies. Before all humans have antibodies, you must not "be sick"!

When you squander your health, the virus will come out and make trouble. So in any case, take care of your own bottom line. The bottom line is your immunity. And except Reishi mushroom, who else can make your immunity stable, standard and balanced so that you will be disease-free even if you get infected?!




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