Lingzhi Black and White Coffee 30g×15 packets

Using Malaysia traditional black coffee combined with modern era white coffee, a secret recipe that emits natural aroma of black coffee, plus the rich and smooth taste of white coffee.  Additionally, it mixed with organic Lingzhi extract which gives you a healthier and tastier choice. Simply unforgettable to the taste buds.


Each satchet (30g) contains 0.5g organic Lingzhi Extract powder.

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This perfect blend of Lingzhi, black and white coffee sure to tempt your tastebuds.  Smell the rich, goodness of our 4-in-1 coffee today as you brew your first cup!  Sure to please the crowd.  If you are on busy schedule with love in coffee yet want to enjoy the great health benefits of Lingzhi, it is your first and best choice because it is instant and follow the rhythm of your lifestyle.


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Product Details

Data sheet

Non-daily creamer, sugar, instant coffee, coffee mixture and Ganoderma (Lingzhi) extract powder
30g×15 packets / box
Shelf Life
24 months
Pour the contents into coffee cup. Add 180ml hot water. Stir until dissolve and serve. 1 pack makes 1 cup.
Store in cool and dry place
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