Lingzhi Latte - 4 in 1 Instant Coffee with Organic Ganoderma Lucidum/Lingzhi Extract 21g x 15 Sachets

Reshi Mushroom/Lingzhi Latte-4 in 1 Instant Coffee with Organic Ganoderma Lucidum Extract -Rich In Taste and Excellent Flavor- Improve Appetite, Stress Relief

Lingzhi Latte Coffee is a delicious blend of Lingzhi and latte that can be enjoyed daily to keep you energetic. It best preserves the rich latte flavor with a very slightly bitter taste peculiar to Lingzhi

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Product Highlights

★DELICIOUS & ENERGETIC: Lingzhi Latte Coffee is a delicious blend of Lingzhi and latte that can be enjoyed daily to keep you energetic. It best preserves the rich latte flavor with a very slightly bitter taste peculiar to Lingzhi.

★AUTHENTIC INGREDIENTS: Lingzhi Latte Coffee blends premium aromatic coffee beans with authentic organic Lingzhi powder. Nutrient-rich, gluten-free, lactose-free milk used in every sachet. Only 90 calories and 2.5g of fat per serving. Our Lingzhi is 100% organically cultivated in our certified farm and has passed the USDA organic standards.

★MULTIPLE BENEFITS: Paired with Lingzhi's potential properties such as relief fatigue, immunity enhancement, sleep aid and nerves calming, this delicious mix helps keep you fit every day.

★ADDED WITH LINGZHI: Our Lingzhi coffee latte is added with the extract of organic Lingzhi, a traditional Chinese medicine that is also known as “the magic herb”. It contains the beneficial essence from Lingzhi latte coffee, which adds more nutritional value to the product compared to the rest on the market.

★REASSURING INGREDIENTS: No artificial colors, flavors, synthetic stimulants or additives.


GANOHERB is famous in the Lingzhi industry, during the past over 30 years, we are engaging in the research, cultivation, manufacturing and marketing of Lingzhi, we have already became a veritable “Ganoderma whole industry chain” enterprise, and our products have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions in the world.


Lingzhi Latte

100% Organic Lingzhi Extract Powder

Lingzhi Extract Powder is concentrated extract from fresh fruiting body ,then extracted by a series of techniques after drying ,which has high nutritional value and benefit to human body.

3 in 1 instant latte coffee

We use premium aromatic coffee beans with pure milk(Non-dairy creamer) and proper sugar to make the palate softer, instant coffee has become an indispensable variety in the coffee world because of its convenience, simplicity and popularity.


  • Pour 1 bag contents in cup.
  • Add 150ml of hot drink.
  • Stir until dissolved and serve.
  • Suitable for breakfast in the morning, delicious and nutritious.
  • Only 90 calories and 2.5g of fat per serving.

One Day A Cup

latte 2.jpg


The smell of latte coffee can make

people feel stable. Drinking a latte every

morning can help you relieve fatigue,

refresh your mind and improve work efficiency.


This tasty mixture is ideal to energize you

during your workday or holiday with an

ideal flavor and silky smooth, which is a

good choice for leisure.


Lingzhi is well-known for

functions such as stress relief,

immunity boosting and nerves calming,

keep you full of energy everyday.


Why Choose GANOHERB?



1.    GanoHerb Lingzhi  are cultivated in Chinese Ganoderma origin - Mt. Wuyi.

The plantation covers an area of about 577 acres and we only grow one Lingzhi on one log.

The plantation after being cultivated for two years, will lie fallow for three years.



2. Before planting Lingzhi, we will sample and test the soil, water, air and

the culture medium. It is necessary to ensure that no crops have been planted

on this land and the soil needs to be free of heavy metals, the water and air also

needs be clear and fresh.



3. Then we start the production of Lingzhi  stock culture and spawn,

use natural log for Lingzhi spawn cultivation and build the shed. The Lingzhi 

here is nurtured with appropriate sunlight, fresh air and mountain spring water.



4. Lingzhi  normally experience three stages of growth including sprouting,

pileus expanding and ripening. We always get rid of weeds by hand. Finally we carry

out spore powder collection and fruiting body drying to make products.



100% Pure Fruiting Body And Spore Powder

We use fruiting bodies or spore powder for production. Spore is the seed released from the mature Lngzhi. Nearly all scientific studies on medicinal Lingzhi are conducted by using whole fruiting bodies and spores. Some companies are using other as the raw materials instead of the fruiting body. We only use raw materials with high nutritional value.

National Patent on Cell-wall Breaking

The Lingzhi spore has double-layer hard shell on the surface. Only when the shell is cracked, the effective active ingredients can be absorbed by the human body to the greatest extent. GANOHERB has developed an advanced technology of breaking spore cell wall at low temperatures without heavy metal residues, the breaking rate is as high as 99% or more, which has been patented nationally.

We Care About Quality

Our Lingzhi has been certified by the US, China, the EU and Japan. GanoHerb is the first enterprise in China that has passed both certification at home and abroad and is the developer of China Lingzhi industry standards. It possesses China’s health food Production License and GMP Certificate. Throughout its production process, every production link has detailed specifications and is under strict control.

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Product Details

Data sheet

Chocolate malt, non-dietary creamer, sugar, malt extract, coaca powder, and organic Ganoderma(Lingzhi) extract.
21 g×15 packets / box
Shelf Life
24 months
Pour the contents into a cup. Add 150ml hot water. Stir until dissolve and serve. 1 pack makes 1 cup.
Store in cool and dry place
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