Oochi Apple Vinegar

Made from "Pure Rice Vinegar" and raw materials 100% and natural groundwater of North Hiroshima. "Akitakomachi" for to delicious "Drink vinegar" heartily.  Include active ingredient such as amino acid abundantly and the male be completed in the one which becomes matter of concern of cholesterol and the neutral fat.

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Aids in lowering cholesterol, regulating blood pressure, improving digestion and removing toxins.  It can help to prevent cancer, speed up metabolism, curb appetite and resulting in weight loss. It is said to improve skin complexion, combat fungal/bacterial infections and relieves painful joints.


降抵血压,减少胆固醇,促进消化,排出肃毒。 净化澄清血液,降低血脂 胆固醇。防癌抗老,养颜美容,减轻体重, 清理肺部,美丽幼滑肌肤,抑制青春痘。

主要原料:苹果醋(日本青森产),纯米醋(有机米秋田小町),蜂蜜,维生素B2 .

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apple cider vinegar (produced in Aomori, Japan), pure rice vinegar (organic rice Akita Komachi), honey, vitamin B2.
720ml per bottle
30ml daily before or after food
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