Gano-Vigor Capsule

Gano-Vigor Capsule is made of Lingzhi(Ganoderma lucidum) extract, cell-wall broken Lingzhi spore powder and cordyceps powder (CS4). This product  is proven to be anti-fatigue, nourish the heart and moisten the lung, and boost energy.  

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Product Highlights

Made of cordyceps powder (CS4), organic ganoderma lucidum/Linghi extracts and organic cracked ganoderma lucidum/Lingzhi spore powder. Each 100g of the product contains 120mg of adenosines, 8000mg of polysaccharides and 600mg of ganoderma lucidum/Lingzhi triterpenes


Health Benefits

– Enhance overall immune system 增强免疫

– Relieve fatigue & stress and boost vitality  消除疲劳,舒缓压力及增强体力

– Moisten the lung, relieve asthma and prevent cough  润肺平喘,补肺镇咳

– Enriching Yin and nourishing kidney 滋阴补肾

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Product Details

Data sheet

Ganoderma Lucidum/Lingzhi extract 200mg, equivalent to raw herbs Ganoderma Lucidum/Lingzhi 3000mg Ganoderma Lucidum/Lingzhi cell-wall cracked spore powder 100 mg Cordyceps powder(CS4) 200mg
500mg × 60 capsules in one bottle
Shelf Life
24 months
With oral administration, take two capsules, twice daily.
Keep in dry and cool place
HSA Listing Number
Side Effects and Cautions
No known side effects. It is not recommended for pregnant woman and children of age below 12
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