The Importance Of Enzymes

Posted on21/03/2021

In the early days of the last century, the world knew a lot about vitamins, micro nutrients and various mineral that are good for the human health. However, in the mid 80s, people started to realize that enzyme formed a very important nutritional element in the maintenance of the complicated biological functions of the human body.

Arthur Kornberg, the Nobel Prize winner is Physiology, pointed out that there is no other substance that can replace the importance of enzymes. The DNA system within each cells would not work if not for the critical functioning of the enzyme, which empowers every cells. It actually controls the working of the entire body. A slight malfunction of enzyme in some area could result in severe dysfunction of our organs and body.

Huge scientific research papers suggested that the level of enzyme and its vibrancy determine the quality of our health and longevity. Imbalance of enzyme may just be the cause of the many illnesses and sufferings to our body.

Enzymes are becoming very popular in developed countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Japan and America. Consuming enzyme on a regular basis ensures the balance to stay younger and healthier.

Dr. Edward Howell said,” Enzyme determines the human health and life”. He believed that there is a close relationship between the good health and long life with that of the enzyme in the body. With adequate amount of Enzyme in your body, you will always be feeling good, having energy, looking radiant and youthful. On the other hand, should your body be lacking in enzyme, your mood will be bad, you grow old faster, and may live shorter life.  Dr. Howell also believed that should one’s base level of enzyme (Potential Enzyme) will to be breached, the potential of ‘death’ can be very real. So preventing the depletion of enzyme may be the secret of a healthy longer life.

The Benefits of Taking Enzyme

Promote Metabolism - Metabolic activities of the body depends largely on the adequacy of the various enzymes needed. With abundant enzymes, metabolism will be highly efficient and this prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body and also prevent obesity. Digestive enzymes also regulate the bowel movement and reduces the incidence of constipation.

Reduces Inflammation - Enzymes have the ability to kill bacteria. White blood cells using enzymes to engulf and eliminate invading bacteria. Enzymes are important element in the reduction of inflammation and cell repair.

Enzymes also available to clear the blood not only of toxins but also fat deposits. This helps to clear and unblock blood vessels which may lead to serious health issues. Consistent ingestion of mature enzyme may actually cleanse the blood, blood vessels, fat, fat deposits and keep you safe and slim.

As for the skin, enzymes are constantly working to renew the skin, gently exfoliating dead cells, cleanses excessive oil, unclogs blocked pores, anti free-radicals to give a smoother, firmer, younger looking skin.

Enzymes protects the liver - enzymes in the liver helps in the detoxification process of the liver, reducing harmful stuffs to non-harmful to protect them from damaging the other delicate organs in the body such as the brain, heart, eyes and kidney. The more enzymes you have in your body, the more power the liver has to detoxify and keep your organs safe from harm.

How to Replenish Enzymes?

There are three categories of  enzyme in our body:

Metabolic Enzymes – These enzymes are primarily in charge of energy production in the body. They also help to get rid of toxins in the body on a cellular level and are even help our sensory system respond appropriately. They are responsible for cellular activity on every level in our body.

Digestive Enzymes – Digestive enzymes helps the body break down and assimilate food into bio-available nutrients to facilitate absorption. The body uses different types of enzymes to digest fats, proteins and carbohydrates into various molecules for use by the body.

Food Enzymes are those enzymes that are present in the fruits and vegetables. Our body does not make these enzymes. They are needed for our body can break down the food we eat. Enzymes are destroyed by heat, therefore, eating cooked food depletes these enzymes. Therefore, it is important to consume fresh raw fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

The only way to protect and prevent the depletion of our base level of enzymes, supplementing high quality enzymes is a must. With adequate supplementation, enough enzymes are made available to all the organs in the body giving room to function better.

Reasons to Consume Enzyme

1.            Fear of cold and always easily taken ill

2.            Muscle ache, back and joint pains and bodily discomfort

3.            Prolonged constipation, diarrhea or offensive feces

4.            Coarse skin and dull complexion

5.            No Appetite and always feeling indigestion

6.            Prone to exhaustion and fatigue

7.            Bad memory, depression and difficulties of good sleep

8.            Uncontrollable weight gain or loss

9.            Cold extremities and frequent water retention problems

10.         Susceptible to hypertension, diabetic, or high blood cholesterol

11.         Susceptible to Angiosclerosis and Cerebral Infarction

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